How to Choose an Amazing Kettle

How to Choose an Amazing Kettle

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a relaxing cup of tea in-front of Bake Off – at least for the average Brit!

Considering how much time we spend drinking tea though, most of us put very little thought into the kettle we buy. Most of us just pick the first one we see at Tesco, or the one that has the highest number of reviews on Amazon.

While it’s true that most kettles “do the job,” at least when it comes to heating up water, there’s a great variety of features available on high-end kettles. And it goes without saying you need to pay a bit more if you want a stylish retro kettle!

So with that said, here’s a list of things to look for when buying a kettle:

  • Type. Believe it or not, many people still use kettles heated on the stove. Known as stove-top kettles, these bring a stylish retro design to your kitchen that’s impossible to match with an electric model – and they also look GREAT. The downside is, of course, that they are much slower to boil (although usually more durable), but if you’re interested I recommend looking at buying a Wesco kettle. They are built with high-quality materials and have a beautiful whistle.
  • Capacity.┬áIf you have a big family of tea drinkers, don’t get a tiny kettle. Simple as that.
  • Boiling Quickness. The average Brit drinks 10,009 cups of tea per year (I just made that up, but you get the idea). What I’m trying to say is that we spend a LOT of time waiting for the kettle to boil. If you’re in a hurry, get a kettle that boils quickly – you’ll thank me later.
  • Price. Another obvious thing to consider is the price of the kettle. I don’t want my tea to taste of plastic or take hours to boil, so I don’t mind spending a bit extra on a decent model. I recommend you do the same.

If you want my opinion, I LOVE stove top whistling kettles. There’s nothing more satisfying than the anticipation of the whistle building in strength so you know your teas nearly ready. Check out this video to see what I mean:

Stove tops definitely aren’t for everyone, but if you’re into retro styling then they are a great choice for a kitchen.

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