This site is for home enthusiasts – or home geeks as I call them!

I’m a believer that a house doesn’t become a home until you feel in control of everything in it (at least everything non-living!) If you’re constantly trying to keep up with housework, getting stressed because of your awful wallpaper or struggling with low-quality appliances…your house is controlling you.

That’s why I write tips on things like:

  • How to stop your house getting cluttered
  • How to improve the interior decor of your house without spending a fortune
  • How to choose home appliances such as microwaves and irons
  • How to make your house FEEL clean (this is different from just the basic cleaning most people do)

I receive lots of requests for guests post and advertising. At the moment I am not accepting guest posts, although I may make exceptions for my regular readers.

If you have any questions use the contact page or the comments form.

Abbie x