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How to Declutter Your Life in One Week

How to Declutter Your Life in One Week

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with house chores – especially when you have a million other things to think about. From getting the kids ready to school to making sure you’re at work on-time, it’s easy to let clutter pile up. The problem is that the gradually increased clutter can make your home less enjoyable to live in – not to mention frustrating when you need to find anything!

If you’ve reached tipping point and are ready to declutter, here’s a quick 7-day guide to doing just that.

  • Monday – I recommend starting your clutter with your digital devices. Start with your computer and laptop, and go through your main folders. Are they a mess? Have you got photos from 2007 in your My Documents folder? If so, organise everything into neat folders. If you haven’t already, you should also setup some sort of backup system in case of hard-drive failure.
  • Tuesday – Sticking with the digital theme, the next step is to declutter your phone. Go through every contact and remove any you don’t need anymore. Delete unused apps. Move all your photos to your computer and then delete them from your phone. You’ll feel much better after you’ve done this, and your phone will probably run faster too.
  • Wednesday – Now you can move away from digital to a physical location that often collects a lot of clutter: your car. If you’re like me, your car is probably filled with half-drunk diet coke cans and who-knows-what-else, so take a bin bag with you and chuck it all out. Take out anything else that doesn’t need to be in the car, then thoroughly vacuum.
  • Thursday. Next, we have your clothes. I like to pull out EVERYTHING from my wardrobe and dresser and go through teach item one-by-one. If you haven’t worn an item in more than 12 months, it’s time to go! Make sure you donate anything that might be useful to someone else.
  • Friday. If you have a home office, the end of the work week is a good time to declutter it. File any papers that you need to keep and throw away the rest. Organise your stationary and get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Saturday. The weekend is a good time to start tackling the big jobs. The kitchen is probably a good example. Start by going through your fridge and cupboards to get rid of any spices, food or other ingredients that’s either gone off or isn’t needed anymore. Then take a look at all your cutlery and crockery. What do you really use? Is there items that haven’t been taken out of the cupboard for years? If so, get rid of them.
  • Sunday. The final day of the week is your chance to select an area of your home that really needs decluttering. It might be the bathroom, downstairs wardrobe or the TV cabinet – just make sure it’s something that’s been causing you stress. Go through every item and get rid of what you don’t need.

After you’ve finished the week of decluttering, your home will feel MUCH more enjoyable to spend time in. Instead of wondering where everything is, most items should now have a designated place too.

If this article helps you, please let me know in the comments!