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Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Have A Fear of Being Seen?

If a man spends the majority of his life doing what the guy can to please others with the exceptional mother, particularly, it will mean that he could be primarily dedicated to what is happening without. What is going down within has never been, if, planning to something that he could be aware of.

This is likely to imply the needs of others are going to be seen as his needs; he won’t understand the difference. And, if the requirements of others are considered his needs, it really is to be expected that they will feel compelled to satisfy them.

Playing a Role

So, although he will probably be a separate one that has their own needs and feelings, he’s going to act as though he’s here for everyone others. In general, they can create the impression that he or she is needless.

By being by doing this, it’s likely to signify he will obtain a fair volume of positive feedback. The attention, acceptance and approval which he receives from others – ego love – won’t allow him to live your life that is deeply fulfilling though.

Inner Guidance

Still, he could do what he is able to to ignore how he really feels and what his own life is really like and also to carry on as normal. Therefore, the feedback that may shed light on the fact that he’s going against himself will likely be cast aside.

There may be moments when he consciously denies how he really feels and moments if this takes place unconsciously. Either way, he will never be willing for being with what is happening for him.

One Big Struggle

Keeping how he really feels under control is about to require a great deal of his energy and a large amount of his energy is gonna end up being held insidewithin all him. The reason for this can be that the emotional pain he denies is likewise made up of energy.

With this in your mind, the longer he behaves in that way, greater it is going to be for him to behave in the same manner. As a result of this, there may come a spot in time when he’s going to break down with out longer be able for being there for some.

“Waking Up”

The ideal could well be for him being able to alter his life before he reaches this point. What could play a part in this really is if he ended up being end up getting in to a relationship, as his partner could indicate that he could be not taking care of his personal needs.

She could see he spends a great deal of time being there for others and the mother, especially. This doesn’t imply that he will simply accept what she’s got to say, because he could become defensive and deny what she says to start with.

A Matter of Time

But, after some time and if he reflects about what has been said, he could gradually arrived at see that he or she is out of balance. He could notice that when they are around others, who he could be typically does not show up.

When this takes place, he’s going to lose touch in reference to his feelings and requires, his body, and he will likely be estranged from himself. He will then act like he or she is an extension of others and the true self won’t view the light of day.


When he plays his role for being there persons and is living outside the body of himself, his physical self will probably be seen but his inner self will never be seen. Due to this, it doesn’t matter how much time he spends around others, he or she is likely to feel invisible and ignored.

For this to switch, he’ll almost certainly need to express his needs and ways in which he really feels when they are around others. By revealing what is happening within him and achieving other people see these elements of himself; his true self is going to be able to obtain nutrients which it needs to feel full and alive.

A Strange Scenario

What this is dependant on is that he’s an interdependent man; he needs others. In addition to him acknowledging his very own needs and feelings; he can need people to do exactly the same thing.

Considering this, if he needs for being both in touch with himself and express himself to reside in a fulfilling life this also part of him needs to obtain the right nutrients from others, why would he spend so enough time being from touch with himself? To understand this, it will likely be necessary to take particular notice into his early years.

Going Deeper

During this stage of his life, his mother could have used him to fulfil a few of her unmet adult and childhood needs. This would’ve meant that most, if not completely, of his developmental needs, would have already been overlooked.

Not only would this have already been incredibly painful, nevertheless it would have caused him to imagine that his needs with his fantastic self were inherently bad. To receive his mother’s attention and conditional love, compared to being disapproved of, punished and/or abandoned, he had to get who she wanted him for being and to try and do what she wanted.

Role Reversal

Instead of seeing him as an outside being that needed her love and nurturance growing and develop, she would’ve unconsciously seen him as extra time of herself. He can have had to adapt to the fact that was going on by losing touch along with his true self, his needs and feelings, and setting up a false self that will allow him to survive; it wouldn’t are already possible for him to mention ‘no’ as well as to get away.

The trouble is that while he was egocentric, he wouldn’t are already able to note that there wasn’t anything wrong together with his needs or his self. Being seen – expressing his needs and feelings – now of his life would are already a threat to his very survival and after this he’s a grown-up, it’s going to still be seen as an issue that would cause him being harmed and/or abandoned.

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