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Is A Mother Enmeshed Man Trapped In An Invisible Prison?Is A Mother Enmeshed Man Trapped In An Invisible Prison?

From the outside, men who is emotionally entangled regarding his mother is probably going to look as free as virtually anybody else. He will then are able to behave however he would like to behave as well as live lifespan that he desires to live.

At times, it might even appear that he is in charge of how he behaves which is happy with lifespan that he could be living. Yet, of course this is the impression he creates, will probably be nothing more than an illusion.

A Compulsion

In general, he can have the should do what will, and what he thinks will, allow him to please others. This is not to say which he will develop the need to please everyone equally, though, as his primary need may be to please his mother.

Being tuned into her needs and doing what sherrrd like will be an issue that communes lots of his life. And, if the results in her presence, he will probably spend lots of time thinking of her needs.

No Difference

Due to how focused he or she is on her needs while others needs, he typically won’t even realise why these are not his needs. It could seem strange that explains why this would be true but it is because they are so dedicated to what is going on externally.

The opposite side of this is that she will rarely, whenever, be aware of what’s going on internally. Whenever he does hook up to his inner world, it could possibly occur to him he usually behaves in a manner that doesn’t benefit him knowning that his life doesn’t reflect who he truly is.


What is going to be the norm, then, is made for him to call home on the surface of himself and also to be oblivious to his personal needs and feelings. His true self will seldom begin to see the light of day and his awesome false self are going to be in the driver’s seat, as they say.

This false self allows him to suit in and also to do the “right” thing; exactly what it won’t do is allow him to be viewed and heard, to feel alive and also to live your life that is worth living. Deep down, he may well feel empty and in many cases dead.

Starved of Nutrients

Who he actually is, his true self, will need to certain you’re seen and heard to enable him to feel alive. For this to happen, he’s going to need to drop his people-pleasing role with out longer be Mr Nice Guy.

By repeating this, he can be in a position to express his needs and reveal how he really feels. This will mean his true self don’t be dominated and surpassed by his false self and thereby, this allows his inner self to certain you’re seen.

A Key Point

What this is dependant on is which he, like all the others, is surely an interdependent individual. So, if his inner self doesn’t begin to see the light of day because they are acknowledged by others, will probably be in a very watered-down state.

It are going to be like a plant that wasn’t watered for many weeks and is also close to dying off. This a part of him will likely be desperate to obtain nutrients which it needs to get back to life, allowing him to feel alive in the operation.


Now, if he does have moments when he or she is aware of what is happening, he could find it hard to understand why he experiences life by doing this. This could be a time when he’s going to experience anger and frustration.

Instead of being in charge of his own life, it can be that someone or anything else is accountable for how he behaves. But, although being that way won’t serve him, he is able to find that a big portion of him doesn’t want to alter.

A Miserable Existence

To this portion of him, not being seen or heard or freely expressing himself are going to be what feels comfortable. This is why he’ll almost certainly have felt invisible for that long and struggle to break out from the invisible prison he has been coping with.

Yes, this can cause him to suffer but, while doing so, it’s going to be seen as of having for him to thrive. This will mean that no person “out there” is holding him back or punishing him, it is a portion of himself.

A Closer Look

The big question for you is: why would he only feel safe if he could be hiding his true self which is hiding in plain sight? If he ended up being imagine revealing who he’s, he could end up feeling deeply uncomfortable.

He could feel anxious and fearful and fear which he will end up being harmed and restarted by others. Although this can be observed as being “irrational”, there is probably going to have been a period when this did happen.

Way Back

During his early years, his mother could possibly have used him to fulfil a few unmet adult and childhood needs. If he ever expressed his needs, he may happen to be disapproved of, punished and/or abandoned.

As a result with this, yet have come to assume that there was something inherently wrong together with his needs, and his awesome self, and although have finished up losing touch regarding his true self and automatically designed a false self. This false self’s primary need would have already been to please his mother, which can have taken place by fulfilling a few of her needs and behaving how she wanted him to behave.

A Natural Outcome

Many, many years can have passed since that stage of his life, but he’ll almost certainly be inside an undeveloped state and he can still think that expressing himself is usually a threat to the survival. Playing a part, the role which he had to play for his mother, will probably be what is familiar and for that reason, precisely what is classed as safe t his ego-mind.

For him to break free from the invisible prison that they is living in as well as freely express himself, he can need to feel safe enough for this. A big portion of this will probably be for him to question what he believes and resolve his early trauma.


If men can relate to this particular and they are ready to switch his life, he may ought to reach out for external support. This is an issue that can be furnished with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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