Month: June 2021

Feng Shui – Myth Or Magic?Feng Shui – Myth Or Magic?

Feng Shui – it sounds like some new-age mystical practice don’t you think? It fact it possesses a very practical side going without running shoes which I believe the most cynical could well be hard pushed to ignore.

The Chinese have owned Feng Shui more than 4000 years. In the Western world, it’s only really been used since 1970’s, this is been a gradual thing.

So, what exactly is feng shui exactly about? This would be the uncomplicated answer…

Imagine briefly that you are walking right into a hotel in which you have booked to remain for a special holiday using a loved one. You have only seen pictures in the outside which can be stunning. You fully expect the within to look equally stunning.

You walk in from the main door and you also immediately see the shabby decor. The lighting is very dim. The entire space feels dark. The reception desk is cluttered with files and books and used coffee cups. The huge rug that fills the foyer area is faded and fraying in the edges. Chairs are randomly placed with to walk around these to get to the reception desk. It all looks cluttered. There’s a layer of dust everywhere.

Imagine what happens to your efforts levels and also your emotions. I know mine might have dipped pretty low at this point. I would be depressed by my surroundings. I would probably want to exit the best place pretty quickly. I would not feel happy.

Now, visualize that instead of that interior you walk in over the doors and therefore are greeted using a beautifully lit, bright and uplifting foyer. The walls are decorated immaculately. The floors look polished and also a stunning rug is defined so that your feet are cushioned because you walk towards minimal reception desk where beautiful orchids help the scene. To the sides are gorgeous sofas with attractive cushions. They are perfectly positioned in an attempt to be inviting and not obtrusive. Everything looks clean and spotless.

I’m sure I can be feeling light, uplifted and happy of these stunning surroundings. How about you?

And that in summary is the power of Feng Shui.

It’s really about forcing a harmonious, beautiful, balanced environment because we’re also affected by our surroundings. They impact us for better or worse. Feng Shui is concerning placing furniture in a manner that enhances our living or working space. It’s about enabling a superb flow of your energy. It’s about using colour and furnishings in a fashion that makes the best of any space.

In traditional feng shui, there are lots of more details to think about, for example compass directions to discover the bagua map of your property; the balance from the elements of wood, metal, water fire and earth; and also the surroundings of your house or business that are considered vital too.

In modern feng shui the bagua is aligned along with your front door. So, when you’re standing in the home with the door just behind you, your wealth sector will almost always be in the farthest left section of your property, the relationships sector will be inside farthest right section in your home.

It is frequently relatively simple to improve a home or workspace that has some ‘feng shui challenges’ into built to be balanced and harmonious. I have found that living in a property with good feng shui includes a positive influence on all areas of playing.