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Some Facts to Ponder on Numerical Signs in the Bible

If you have thought of the decision made by Roe V. Wade of the US Supreme Court, you must have contemplated on whether Genesis supports Pro-Life or not. It is now time to know more about John Martin who provided some facts about the claim that Genesis is indeed supportive of “life”. In a nutshell, John Martin is a certified public accountant who happens to be a product of Marquette University. He began his journey into knowing what Genesis shares about life through bible study. Since Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and abortion have become huge subjects in the discussion table, he found some evidence that Genesis is indeed supportive of Pro-Life.

John Martin takes the initiative to read the 6 chapters of Genesis. He wanted to prove that childhood, motherhood, and fatherhood begin at conception. On the other hand, he also believed that age begins at birth. He also studied about the details in flood during the time of Noah that lasted for 12 months. The expert mentioned that it is indeed proper to interpret the writing not in a literal manner because it is too difficult to convince others how flood ended in 12-month time. He also took notice of the story of Joseph who happened to be the son of Jacob. He mentioned that Joseph died at age 110.

In the last verse of Genesis, it was highlighted indeed that Joseph really died at age 110. There were even four verses where such phrase is shown. John, however, contested that the way those four verses are presented must have brought people to various interpretations. Among the four, two verses have even included number of years but removed days and months. For this reason, he contemplated that “life” must be interpreted as the time from conception and onwards. Age, commonly known as “years old”, on the other hand, must be interpreted as the time counted from birth and onwards.

The existence of math in the bible is an indication that the divine stories involved numbers. The expert himself noticed also numerical signs. Hence, he was able to link New and Old Testaments through their parallel stories. Each story involves numbers, and math could not just be taken away from the context. It also goes to show that the New Testament could not exist without the Old Testament because it is hidden there and that the Old Testament is even being given light through the New Testament.

The author also shared the context of Jesus’ ages in the bible. As presented in the New Testament, Jesus started his ministry at age 30 and died on the cross at age 33. He was also able to mention about the circumcision story and its counterpart stories in the New Testament. He was also able to raise concepts about the contexts of ascending and descending in Abraham’s story and Sarah’s inductions of her sons. As to parenthood, the expert identified nine numerical signs in the bible. With all these things mentioned, it reveals that there is a contradiction between the book of Genesis and the decision of Roe V. Wade.

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