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Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Need To Start Saying ‘No’ To His Mother?

It is vital for a person to not only be capable of say it depends, but to essentially mean it when he tells each word. Having this ability will permit him to be handled by and protect himself.

However, in case a man is emotionally entangled regarding his mother, he might find that they doesn’t understand how to say no. In fact, he not even imagine saying no to his mother, aside from actually saying no thank you.

Out of Balance

If he or she is this way along with her, you will find there’s strong chance that she will be in this way with most people. In general, he found that he tells yes and merely does things without even thinking of if he actually would like to do them.

There may be people who will describe him like a “yes man”, seeing him as someone who is easy-going simply too thrilled to be there for other people. The trouble is that although he are going to be there persons, his mother specifically, he’ll almost certainly rarely be there for himself.

For Example

So, if his mother called him and asked if he could want to do something for her, for instance to go shopping or pick something up, he could soon be on his way. It might not matter what they are doing as her needs is going to take precedence.

He are able to be a separate individual but it are going to be as if she has strings and the mother will regularly pull these strings. Whenever she says jump, he’s going to jump with his fantastic own needs will probably be put to one for reds.

In Denial

After he’s got done something on her, he could wind up feeling angry and frustrated. But, if he does feel in this way, he could soon find yourself suppressing how he feels and carrying on as normal.

This will show that she doesn’t allow himself to embrace how he really feels and does what he is able to to behave just like. If he would have been to become aware of this, he could find it difficult to understand why he avoids his true feelings.

Inner Guidance

Ultimately, his feelings is going to be providing him with valuable feedback, and, his life will still only change if he learns how he feels and allows his feelings to influence his behaviour. Being focused on what’s going on externally and overlooking what is happening internally is just not serving him.

Instead of dealing with himself, he are going to be working against himself. The truth is that they are on this planet expressing who he or she is, to not act as though he or she is an extension of others as well as fulfil the requirements.

Going Further

If he ended up being to imagine saying ‘no’ to his mother, he could finish up feeling incredibly uncomfortable. He are going to be doing the right thing nonetheless it will feel as though they are doing something wrong.

He could feel extremely guilty and experience intense fear and anxiety. After having this inner experience, it could actually become magnificent as to why he neglects himself and does the other people want.

Inner Conflict

Due to how he feels when he hears himself, he could be naturally about to do what the guy can to please others. Being there for other people, not himself are going to be what feels comfortable.

It certainly won’t allow him to live a fulfilling life however it will stop him from feeling bad and also on edge. He will pay for the price by neglecting himself the alternative will likely be seen as being even more difficult.

Role Reversal

Listening to himself should feel at ease and the fact that this isn’t the case is probably going to show that his early years just weren’t very nurturing. Most likely, it was a stage of his life when he’d to meet some of his mother’s adult and unmet childhood needs.

This might have meant that they was discouraged from expressing his needs and he can have lost touch with them as being a result. If he did express his needs, he probably might have been punished, disapproved of and/or abandoned.

The foundations were laid

These early experiences would’ve set him approximately believe that his needs were bad and that they can only survive by pleasing others, and, if he would have been to express himself, he’d be doing something wrong and would find yourself being harmed or his life stomach to an end. Quite simply, he’ll almost certainly have been emotionally abandoned, and, because familiar and, therefore, associated as precisely what is safe, he can continue to abandon himself.

What took place will likely be well and truly over but they are likely to have a lot of emotional pain and trauma. The beliefs/associations that had been formed, also inner material, stop him from to be able to be in their own body, linked with his true self and doing what on earth is right for him.


If a guy can refer to this and he or she is ready to change his life, this individual need to reach out for external support. This is an issue that can be given the assistance of a therapist or healer.

Author, transformational writer, teacher and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, lives in England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers every of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, self-worth, inner child and inner awareness. With over year 2000, six hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along along with his sound advice.

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